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Radujtesja vsi l'udije

Anhel Bozij iz nebes

This Christmas hymn is from page 166 of Father Stefan Papp's Duchovňi Pisňi (1969).


This hymn was included in the L'vov Pisnoslovets (1907) as hymn 11, with nine verses; this same text was reprinting in the 1932 Greek Catholic collection Kolady, from UĆŸhorod. In both cases, the first line was "Radujtesja vsi l'udije" (rather than Father Papp's "Radujtesja usi l'udi").

This hymn also circulated in manuscript form in several Byzantine Catholic churches in the United States, with a slightly different melody.

Note that there is a different hymn with the same opening words - "Radujtesja vsi l'udije" - to the Mother of God.