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Acts of the Apostles 3:11-16 (§8)

Saturday of Bright Week

In those days: As the man [who was cured] stood there clinging to Peter and John, the whole crowd rushed over to them excitedly in Solomon's Portico.  When Peter saw this, he addressed the people as follows: “Fellow Israelites, why does this surprise you?  Why do you stare at us as if we had made this man walk by some power or holiness of our own?  The God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, the God of our fathers, has glorified his Servant Jesus, whom you handed over and disowned in Pilate's presence when Pilate was ready to release him.  You disowned the Holy and Just One and preferred instead to be granted the release of a murderer.  You put to death the Author of life.  But God raised him from the dead, and we are his witnesses.  It is his name, and trust in this name, that has strengthened the limbs of this man whom you see and know well.  Such faith has given him perfect health, as all of you can observe.”

Text from the New American Bible (1970).