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Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11 (§3)

Pentecost Sunday

When the day of Pentecost came, it found the Apostles gathered in one place.  Suddenly from up in the sky there came a noise like a strong, driving wind which was heard all through the house where they were seated.  Tongues as of fire appeared, which parted and came to rest on each of them.  All were filled with the Holy Spirit.  They began to express themselves in foreign tongues and make bold proclamation as the Spirit prompted them.  Staying in Jerusalem at the time were devout Jews of every nation under heaven.  These heard the sound, and assembled in a large crowd.  They were much confused because each one heard these men speaking his own language.  The whole occurrence astonished them.  They asked in utter amazement, “Are not all of these men who are speaking Galileans?  How is it that each of us hears them in his native tongue?  We are Parthians (Par-thih-anz), Medes (Meedz) and Elamites (Eh-Ia-mights).  We live in Mesopotamia (Mes-o-po-tay-mih-a), Judea (Joo-day-ah) and Cappadocia (Kap-a-do-sha), Pontus (Pon-tus), the province of Asia, Phrygia (Frij-i-a) and Pamphylia (Pam-fiI-ee-a), Egypt, and the regions of Libya (Lib-ya) around Cyrene (Sigh-ree-nih).  There are even visitors from Rome – all Jews, or those who have come over to Judaism; Cretans (Kree-tanz) and Arabs too.  Yet each of us hears them speaking in his own tongue about the marvels God has accomplished.”

Text from the New American Bible (1970).