Melodies for the Cherubikon

In the Byzantine Rite, the Cherubikon or Cherubic Hymn has often been set to a much wider variety of melodies than the other hymns of the Divine Liturgy. In the prostopinije tradition, many of the melodies are taken from the folk-song tradition.

The following table lists the major settings of the Cherubikon as sung in the United States, along with additional Church Slavonic versions. Click on the setting name in the leftmost column for the main article on each setting. The body of the table shows the name of the setting in each major chant collection, along with a link to the page containing the setting.

Cherubikon setting
English sources
Church Slavonic sources
Divine Liturgies (2006) Byzantine Liturgical Chant (1970) Bokshai Prostopinije (1906) Ratsin Prostopinije (1925) Papp Irmologion (1970)
Cherubikon A A, p. 42  
Cherubikon B B, p. 43        
Cherubikon C C, p. 44        
Cherubikon D D, p. 45        
Cherubikon E E, p. 46        
Cherubikon F F, p. 47        
Cherubikon G
(for the departed)
G, p. 48        
Cherubikon "O kto kto" p. 275        
Cherubikon "Divnaja novina" p. 292        

Note that, by tradition, the Communion Hymn of the Divine Liturgy is sung to the same melody as was used earlier in the service for the Cherubikon.