Welcome to the new MCI website!

Since 1999, the Metropolitan Cantor Institute has provided in-person cantor instruction in Pittsburgh (and at a few other locations), and distributed information and sheet music through its website, metropolitancantorinstitute.org.

Throughout 2015, we experimented with online cantor education, and took a hard look at our Church’s needs for music education. We prepared a set of standards for cantor certification, moved from five courses a year to twelve, and began posting audio and video from MCI sessions.

At the start of 2016, we will be announcing a comprehensive online program for cantor and reader education, using mentoring and regular feedback to help new cantors learn to lead our chant well, and allow current cantors to stay up to date and master their craft.

This new website will allow for much more feedback:

  • the ability to post comments and make suggestions for any page on the website
  • a regular weblog and (eventually) podcast
  • integration with our online courses, so that anyone can read the course material, then go directly to Moodle to take quizzes that count toward cantor certification

Over the next few weeks, we will be copying content from the old website to the new one at mci.archpitt.org, doing some cleanup, and preparing new online courses for release.  (The old website remains available at metropolitancantorinstitute.org.)

So – here’s YOUR chance to make suggestions. What would you like to have on the MCI website?

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new MCI website!”

  1. Please include the pripivi in musical notation in your booklets. These booklets are wonderful, but it is distracting to cantors (and clergy!) to have to LOCATE and then CONSULT the music from another source. Also, please produce a booklet for the Vigil of Christmas that is not cost-prohibitive to reproduce. The one currently available on your website is MANY pages and contains extraneous material for those in the pew. If you could make one that is similar in form to the booklets you already produce for the Vigil Liturgies of other feasts, that would be great.

  2. Will the recordings that can be accessed via the current web site be available on the new web site? I did not see a link for recordings on the new web site.

  3. They will eventually be under Audio Resources at the top of the Resources page; but I am still looking for a better audio player to integrate into WordPress (so you don’t always go to just a blank screen with a player bar).

    For now, I have changed the Audio Resources link to point back to the OLD recorded music page.

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