Spiritual Song: Come, O Jesus

Here is the FIRST discussion item for the Hymnal Project:

Come, O Jesus

Follow this link to see what we have to say about this hymn, and contribute to the article by leaving your comments here.

The basic format for each of these articles will be:

  • Introduction
  • Current version (if there is one)
  • Original language text, if there is one
  • English language text, with discussion
  • Melody or melodies, with discussion
  • Do we include in the hymnal?

This format may evolve, of course.  That, too,is open for discussion here!

6 thoughts on “Spiritual Song: Come, O Jesus”

  1. Deacon Jeff,
    Two songs we sing in our church during the period before Christmas are —
    King of Kings (Not sure, but I think the source of this song is from Brother Gus at the Franciscan Monastery in Sybertsville, Pa)
    Isaiah Foretold (written on this page is — An Advent Hymn – Melody of “Heaven and Earth” and Adaption by Raymond J. Mastroberte – 2008)
    If you want, I can scan these two songs and send them to you. Just let me know what e-mail address I should send them to.
    Mike K

  2. Yes, this definitely belongs in the hymnal. The selected version is what we use at OLPH and refrain is quite catchy. I find myself humming it during the Advent season.

  3. Dear Deacon Jeff,
    Yes, this is a beautiful addition to the pre-Christmas/Philippian Fast Season. I introduced it last year as part of our “Advent devotions”-along with the lighting of candles on the Byzantine Advent wreath by the parish children after the Divine Liturgy. It was received positively by our congregation. It is de facto a mini moleben in itself.
    Yours truly,
    Cantor Ed Matusiewicz
    St. Andrew the Apostle Byzantine Catholic Church
    Westbury, Long Island, NY

  4. Since the two melodies are relatively short, and because we have so little music for this season, why not include both? It would be up to the cantor to select the melody and perhaps the people will enjoy the variety and yet others welcome the return of a familiar melody.

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