New mailing list for cantors

For some 12 years now, the Metropolitan Cantor Institute has used a Yahoo-based mailing list to distribute monthly music mailings and send out announcements.  Unfortunately, this service has been increasingly unreliable, and also lacks quite a few useful features of more modern mailing list software.

So I have created a new mailing list,, which will provide BOTH news/announcements and an open (moderated) forum discussion for cantors.

  • Current mcimusicfiles and MCI announcements will go out on this list, along with cantor education news from all four eparchies.
  • You can use the mailing list to ask questions, seek assistance, share music, and raise topics for discussion.
  • Eventually we will be adding the ability to upload and share files, and contribute to a wiki specifically for Byzantine Catholic cantors and church singers.

To join the mail list,  go to:  and subscribe to the new group using your preferred email address.

If you wish to receive ONLY news and announcements, you can change your subscription options to “Special Notices Only.”  You will still be able to view all discussion  topics by pointing a Web browser to the group address,


P.S. I am looking for a nice wide photograph to use as the banner for the cantors mailing list and the MCI blog.  If you have a suitable one – particularly a photo of a singing congregation – please let me know!

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