MCI Courses for 2018

With the end of the first full year of MCI Online and the beginning of our second year of comprehensive cantor education, we are putting in place a complete set of cantor classes, available anywhere in the US:

  • The Basic Course (six classes, two of them free and open to anyone) teach the skills necessary to serve as an assistant cantor, and occasionally lead the singing at the Divine Liturgy.  The Basic Course is taught twice a year, beginning in January and July.
  • The Intermediate Course (four classes) covers the complete contents our Divine Liturgies and Sunday Vespers books, and shows cantors how to lead and sing these services throughout the year.  Like the Basic Course, the Intermediate course is taught twice a year, beginning in January and July.
  • The Advanced Course covers the Lenten and Paschal seasons, the holy mysteries and the funeral services, and Christmas/Theophany. The six classes in the Advanced Course will be taught every year, and can be taken in any order.

Through this program, anyone with the basic ability to sing  and a willingness to learn and practice can become a cantor in two years, or extend the courses out over a longer period. Experienced cantors can use the same courses to demonstrate what they know, brush up or learn new skills where necessary, and earn a cantor’s certificate from the MCI and their bishop.

Over the next few weeks, I will posting additional details here about how the program works.  For now, you can find out more at

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