Holy Week follow-up: your input requested

Christ is risen!

Now that everyone is (hopefully) recovered from Holy Week and Pascha, I would like to solicit cantors’ feedback on the books and music for Holy Week with the feast of the Annunciation.  Was there anything you found particularly tricky?  What went well, and what could be improved?  (I am asking because we can hope to have new Holy Week books for next year that match the texts and music from the DIvine Liturgies and Presanctified books; but final details have yet to be worked out.) Please send any input you may have to mci@archpitt.org.  Thank you!

One thought on “Holy Week follow-up: your input requested”

  1. Including the pripiv melodies makes it possible to use iPads or kindles for the music.

    For Holy Thursday Vespers with Basil in previous years, I prepared a 2 page handout for the people that referred them to the Green Pew books for most of the service, giving them the text [without music] of the Sticheri.

    It seemed to work well, [we have had consistently low attendance] and certainly saved on printing costs.

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