Mary, look upon us

In general, our plain chant and our spiritual songs run in separate but parallel tracks, but there is some cross-over – particularly in the way some paraliturgical hymns are also used as base melodies for the Cherubic Hymn at the Divine Liturgy.  Mary, look upon us (Prizri, O Marije) is one of those “dual-use” hymns.

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From our hearts we sinners

This is an example of a “hyperbolic” hymn: one that somewhat exaggerates our dependence on the Mother of God (“if you do not hear us, we will be alone here… evil will consume us”); surely we always have Christ also! But of course, the glory and importance of the Mother of God rests precisely in that she brought Christ into the world, and brings us to him. Continue reading “From our hearts we sinners”

Christians, join in our procession

Hymns to the Mother of God are indelibly connected with pilgrimage to her many shrines – that is one reason some of them have so many verses!  But in the hymn Christians, join in our procession (Christijane pribihajte), we have a spiritual song which provides an entire theology of pilgrimage.

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